Tips for Mobile Banking Security

Stay protected with mobile banking: safety suggestions for accessing your checking account

Mobile banking from Tri-County Bank is safe and convenient with a mobile banking app protected by mobile banking security measures including state-of-the-art encryption, firewalls and secure logins. However, there are always general precautions you can take when accessing any of your online accounts, from email to banking. With your Smartphone there are several different ways to use mobile banking and each one has a unique set of tips to follow. Follow these general guidelines for the highest level of mobile banking safety.

  • Avoid making your personal information readily accessible. Don't share your PIN, password or security question with anyone or save it on your phone.
  • Password-protect your phone so others cannot access your information if it is lost or stolen.
  • Monitor your records and accounts on a regular basis.
  • Report a stolen smartphone with your wireless provider so all the major wireless service providers will allow for remote "bricking" of the phone, which deactivates your phone on any wireless network without your permission.

Mobile banking safety when using a mobile web browser

With Smartphones becoming more popular, many people are using mobile web browsers to handle their banking. These web browsers do have some built in features, like standard site encryption, to protect your mobile banking security. For added mobile banking security follow the tips below:

  • Log out and close your browser when you are not using the internet on your phone
  • Set up daily alerts to track account activity. This is a great way to detect fraudulent activity on your account.
  • Use secure, encrypted websites for transactions on your mobile phone
  • Don't click through to websites from emails, even if they look like they are from your bank. Always visit your bank's website by typing in the domain, or bookmark it.
  • Never give your password or account number on a site you are unsure about
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi, if possible

Enjoy mobile banking security with a mobile banking app

Using a mobile banking app may be the safest way to access your checking account from a mobile phone. These applications link directly to your bank's computers, often making them faster,and the interface is easier to use. And since the bank designed the mobile banking app, they will have taken extra precautions to ensure proper security measures are implemented.

Most mobile banking apps are resilient to phishing (a way for a third party to obtain your sensitive information by posing as your bank) since there is no browser, but there are additional mobile banking safety measures you can take to further protect yourself.

  • Log out of the application when you're not using it
  • Add mobile security software to your device, if possible